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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Road trips to the Wilderness Father John Spicer 2017-12-14
The most Compelling Witness the world has ever known Father John Spicer 2017-12-04
Thanksgiving Day 2017 Father John Spicer 2017-12-03
Sermon on November 12 2017 Stephen Rock 2017-11-16
All Saints Sunday Father John Spicer 2017-11-16
The Last Shall Be First Reverend Bruce Bower 2017-09-27
Throwing rocks Father John Spicer 2017-09-21
Our Haiti Experiences Youth and Parents 2017-09-14
Labor Day 2017 Mtr. Ezgi Saribay Perkins 2017-09-08
Don’t go to Church Be the Church Father John Spicer 2017-09-01
Sermon on August 20 2017 Mtr. Ezgi Saribay Perkins 2017-08-25
Still the Storm Father John Spicer 2017-08-17
Sacrifice for Glory Father John Spicer 2017-08-10
I can work with this Father John Spicer 2017-08-02
Its not about information its about relationships Mtr. Ezgi Saribay Perkins 2017-07-26
Jesus Come and Walk with me Father John Spicer 2017-07-14
Sermon on July 2 2017 Mother Anne Hutcherson 2017-07-07
Sermon on June 25 2017 Mother Anne Hutcherson 2017-06-29
Sermon on June 18 2017 Mother Anne Hutcherson 2017-06-23
Sermon on June 11 2017 Reverend Bruce Bower 2017-06-15