Annual Giving Campaign

Stewardship Campaign 2017

Dear Parish Family,

Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” We support what we value with our time, talent and treasure. In some cases, we send our money where we can’t go, such as giving toward disaster relief, or we support causes dear to our hearts. But mostly, we support things we’re actively engaged in. 
St. Andrew’s is not only a spiritual home for our members, but a living example of God’s work in our community and our world. This wonderful church is a place of worship, discovery, learning, care and fellowship. Investing your time, talent and treasure in God’s work here draws you deeper into the life of the parish and even deeper into the mystery of God. We pray you’ll make a pledge to St. Andrew’s for 2018, one that reflects your heart’s commitment. Remember: God doesn’t ask us to go to church. God asks us to be the church. Together, we are St. Andrew’s!
In Christ,
Fr. John, Rector
Mtr. Anne, Associate Rector
Mtr. Ezgi, Assistant Rector
Please complete your 2018 pledge commitment before Sunday, Dec. 3.
You can make your pledge simply by completing the online form below. Or you can download and fill out the pledge commitment form and return it to the church, either by mail or by placing it in the offering plate.

To make your first pledge payment or to set up recurring payments, please visit CONNECT or use the ChurchLife app on your smart phone.



If you have questions about making your pledge or about your past giving to St. Andrew’s, please contact Nina Edwards in the finance office, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 816-523-1602, ext. 111.