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    AT ST. ANDREW’S, we combine rich tradition and modern messages for a fresh spiritual experience.

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    We support you through all phases of your faith journey, and help you rediscover Christ’s love through ritual, reason and meaningful connections.

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    A CAMPAIGN TO strengthen ministry to connect with our community and better engage parishioners.

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    We begin our second century as St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church with a campaign to build mission and ministry for the next 100 years – both with our own parishioners and among those in the community around us.


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    We are blessed to have three unique leaders who each have their own voice, their own passions, and their own interpretation of Liturgy.

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Our tradition-meets-today worship provides each individual, couple or family a service that’s right for them.  Find out which is right for you.

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What's Happening This Week

  • Vacation Bible School Children, ages 3-11, will learn patience, peace and kindness from our superheroes, Joy and Justice.
    Summer Programs
    Missionpalooza Area Episcopal youth come together at St. Paul’s for a week of fellowship and service.  Watch facebook for updates from our St. Andrew’s teens.
    Summer Programs

Blog: Father Halley

The Cost of Discipleship

Written by Father Halley

Father Halley

Last week, Mother Anne raised up examples of everyday discipleship among us to underscore that discipleship, the fundamental call for every Christian, is lived out in small everyday acts. This week, I want to raise up the other side of the discussion. I want to suggest that in addition to these small acts of discipleship, the Christian, the follower of Jesus Christ, is also called to a more uncomfortable, costly discipleship.


Blog: Father Spicer

Celebrating America and Our Three Mosaics

Written by Father Spicer

Father Spicer

Celebrating America is very much like celebrating a piece of art:  Its beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  There is no single experience of our nation because so many diverse peoples have come together to make us who we are.  That unity in diversity is the hallmark of the American experience – e pluribus unum, “out of many, one.”  Though it can be challenging sometimes, it’s also our greatest strength.



St. Andrew’s encourages everyone to participate in a life-long and life-wide faith. That means extending church beyond Sunday.  We want your faith to shape every aspect of your life – your work, your family, your beliefs.
Here are some examples of how faith intersects our lives on a daily basis, and how some of your fellow parishioners are building their life-wide faith.  


Where is Father John?

This month, Father John leaves St. Andrew’s for a four-month sabbatical.  This experience – that will take him to both coast of the U.S. and across the pond to Britain – is to help him gain understanding of how other parishes are providing varied opportunities for expanded ministry...



Who was St. Andrew?

What we know of our patron saint comes primarily from the Gospels, which describe Andrew as a fisherman working on the Sea of Galilee and one of the very first disciples Jesus called...



Friday Fellowship

St. Andrew’s new Friday Fellowship at Bella Napoli has not only sparked the attention of our neighborhood.  Check out this story that ran in the Kansas City Star highlighting this new and popular ministerial outreach...

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